Use No Hook

0 Comments Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | @ 8:05 PM
Catchy little phrase isn't it?

That's the title of the latest online prospecting presentation tool from Tim Sales...originator of "Brilliant Compensation" (I know you've heard of THAT one...everyone in network marketing has).

You can watch a preview of both "Brilliant Compensation" and "What The Wealthy Buy On Payday" at MLMBrilliance. [scroll toward the bottom of this website and you'll see the links] Just so you know....these are sample videos for preview only. You will be able to view approximately half of each video, enough for you to see how you can use them to educate your prospects and build your network marketing business. Then decide if you want to order a copy for yourself.

If you do happen to order these presentations from Tim....good for you. They're phenominal. In my humble opinion they're the best prospecting tools in the industry....hands down.

Now here's a tip....with every order of these presenation tools Tim is also giving you his file of 70 proven, easy-to-learn scripts of what to say in any prospecting situation:

* Step by step instructions on how to get referrals and exactly what to say when you call them.

* What to say to rude people to regain your posture, but not lose the prospect.

* Scripts for any type of promotion you do including: one-on-one presentations, luncheon meetings, residential meetings, and recorded voice mail messages.
How to deal with people who've had a bad experience with network marketing.

You won't likely find a single source anywhere with this kind of ready made script guideline. It's pretty neat that Tim actually gives these away with Brilliant Compensation and What The Wealthy Buy On Payday.

All in all...this a nice little self-contained package for you to apply to your business building effort. Pretty easy to duplicate with your organization too....just share where you got it and show them how you use it. That simple.