Use No Hook

0 Comments Thursday, September 18, 2014 | @ 8:07 PM
My friend Mike Michelozzi of Reliv is quite a remarkable fella. I've stopped being amazed at his wit and talent for putting word to paper....probably related to his being a former school teacher. But it's more the words Mike chooses and what images they frame in your mind after reading them.

Practical...thoughtful...enlightening...I could go on.

Here's a recent contribution from Mike you should find helpful in your MLM journey.....


MLM Qualities

They all read like cliches: persistence, determination, vision, patience, motivation - MLM qualities aren't any different than what it takes to be successful in anything.

Successful people work in systems, they are disciplined and work to master what they do, they are life long learners committed to their success, and they are just as committed to the success of others.

Everything is about networks, relationships, and serious intent - AND successful people are high achiever, they find energy in what they do, they're people who have fun and get the most out of their lives.

We look for people of good character who are also committed to the success of other people and take pride in a job well done.

MLM qualities are the same as all good life qualities - improving one's self, lending a hand, opening doors for other people, and forming a fellowship with people create bonds and purpose to achieve things together.

Being friendly in a sincere and genuine way, taking care of little things that everyone else neglects, and offering support without being asked are success in themselves - real wealth and riches are in the way we lead our lives.