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My friend Tony Rush shared this enlightening piece on a Forum we both frequent. If it doesn't get you might need to check your brain wave activity. ;)


Get Rich Quick?

"Get Rich Quick" -- that's a funny phrase.

When someone says "get rich quick", most of us react as if the person said "scam" or "scheme". And usually, that's the context that's being used when someone says the phrase.

So, why is the phrase funny?

Because, if you completely clear your mind from any preconceived ideas or feelings about that'd probably find that most people who are interested in money DO want to "get rich quick"! Even the ones who use the phrase disparagingly.

Look at the phrase in its basic components (again, with no preconceived feelings or prejudices) and ask the following questions:

1. Do you want to be wealthy? Most people (at least those without a lack mentality) will say yes.

2. And, if you had the option of receiving this wealth in 5 years or FORTY years, which would you choose? Five, right? What about if your choice was between 1

Seems fairly straightforward. Most people would love to be rich. And, as long as they can achieve that goal without infringing on the rights of others, they would prefer to reach their financial goals as quickly as possible.

In other words, they want to get rich quick! But, because of the stigma attached to that phrase, they won't express their desires in those terms. They're more comfortable with a softer language (like I've used above). And that's ok. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Randy Gage has a similar perspective on this issue. When someone asks "Is this a get-rich-quick deal", he turns the question on them. When he illustrates that a person can become wealthy in 1-5 years instead of 30-40....he's definitely selling an idea that you can get rich quickER.

And isn't that true? We hear, all the time, that the average 65 year old has almost no money after working for 40+ years. So, if someone can become wealthy by working from home.....even if it took them 10 years....isn't that "getting rich quick" compared to the 40-year plan which provides riches for almost no one?

Or, put another way, if the overwhelming majority of Americans can't get rich AT ALL with the 40 year plan......isn't it "get rich quick" if a home business will allow them to do that in, say, 10 years' time?


Funny. The phrase "get rich quick" doesn't seem so offensive now, does it? Because if you're offering your prospects a business opportunity where they can create a six-figure income in the next 1-5 years of working from home......well, you're selling "get rich quick". Or at least "get rich quickER".

But, of course, we can't use that language. The stigma on that phrase is too strong. So, I would never advocate that you tell your prospects that they can "get rich quick". But....just between us.......they CAN.

I'm always a little amused when networkers talk among themselves (like on this forum) and one of them uses the phrase "get rich quick" in its negative tone. A day or two later, I can ask this same person if it's possible for someone to earn a six-figure income in their business in the first year.....they'll almost always say 'yes'! Go figure.

So, is "get rich quick" a bad concept? Not really. Not if you're earning your money at the SERVICE of others, not at their EXPENSE. In my opinion, if you're not infringing on the rights of others or sacrificing your ethics and integrity, there is no reason in the world why someone shouldn't seek to be as wealthy as they want to be and to do it as quickly as they can.

Is it possible to get rich quick? Absolutely. It happens all the time. But, only for people who aren't programmed to believe that wealth is supposed to take years to accumulate. Sometimes it does. But it doesn't have to!

Tony Rush